Each trip is rated based on physical demands. This rating will help you to choose a trip that is suitable to your level of fitness and maximize your enjoyment.

These are our least demanding trips. These journeys involve little or no extended activity and are suitable for people with a basic level of fitness and good health. Participants should be capable of carrying their own luggage from vehicle to hotel rooms, get around on your own, and go up and down hotel steps.
These trips involve light walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels.
These trips may include hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking and other activities that require only an average/moderate level of fitness to enjoy. You will need a good level of fitness and be in good health.
These adventures involve trekking, cycling or rafting in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 8 to 10 hours a day. It requires a high level of fitness.
High altitude trekking or cycling, suitable for those with a very high level of fitness and endurance. These are our most challenging expeditions. You will need an excellent level of fitness, be prepared to carry a daypack weighing up to 8kgs (and in some cases a full pack) and be completely comfortable in adverse weather conditions.