Central Valley Vineyards

Cultural nucleus of Chile
World class vineyards
Chile’s oldest winery valley
Fiesta de la Vendimia

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This part of the country is the cultural nucleus of Chile. The majority of the Chilean population lives here. It is home to the largest cities such Santiago, Valparaíso, and Concepción. Santiago, Chile’s capital, sits in a basin between the Andes to the east and the coast range to the west. It is a particular area as it is a balanced between the deserts to the north and forests to the south. What do you find in this part of the country? World class vineyards located in the Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Colchagua and Maule which together form the Central Valley (Valle Central) Region. Winemaking was brought to Chile by the Spanish conquistadores, missionaries and later the French. Aconcagua, Maipo, Colchagua and Maule, is best suited for red wine production. Colchagua (the Napa Valley of California) is renowned for its bold reds that include cabernet sauvignon, carmenère, and syrah and Maipo, Chile’s oldest winery valley, for its cabernet sauvignon. Casablanca, a relatively cool and largely coastal region, is renowned for its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. It is also being planted with Pinot Noir in an attempt to exploit its cool climate conditions with one of the sexiest grape varieties amongst knowledgeable wine consumers. Best time to do winery tours is between the months of mid-February through April for harvest; March for Fiesta de la Vendimia wine festival in Santa Cruz.This part of the country also has the best agricultural land, hotsprings, ski resorts that only lie 45 minutes away and climb over 7500 feet in 26 miles, seventeenth-century colonial haciendas and early republican architecture, and beach resorts.

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