San Pedro de Atacama

A precordillera oasis village
A striking natural beauty destination
One of Chile's most spectacular scenery
Located in the Atacama Desert

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San Pedro de Atacama is at about 2,000 metres (7,000 ft) above sea level and according to the Lonely Planet, it "is a precordillera oasis village turned into a tourist boomtown... Its popularity stems from its position in the heart of some of northern Chile's most spectacular scenery". What does this region have to offer? A striking natural beauty that encompasses salt flat lagoons with pink flamingos, purpule volcanoes (Licancábur, at 5916m), steaming geysers (Tatio Geysers), hot springs, a host of otherworldly rock formations, sculptured moonscapes (Valle de la Luna), and ancient geoglyphics describing high Andean culture. If you are into astronomy, some of the world’s best observatories (e.g. Cerro Paranal Observatory and Cerro Mamulluca Observatory) are found in this part of the country as this is the location that offers the clearest skies in all the southern hemisphere! Interesting religious festivities to attend include: "La Candelaria" (February 2nd); "Carnaval de San Pedro" (February), "Fiesta religiosa San Pedro" (June 29th) and the "Adoración del niño Dios" (December 25th).

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