San Agustín

Famous archeological sites
More than 500 statues
A window to pre-Columbian culture
UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Are you interested in visiting Colombia’s archeological sites? If so, then you’ll want to visit the region of San Agustin - the place to immerse yourself in the mystical history of a myriad of archeological sites. Scattered throughout rolling green hills, the statues of San Agustín are a magnificent window into pre-Columbian culture and one of the most important archaeological sights on the continent. Once inhabited by a mysterious pre-Colombian civilization, which left behind more than 500 life-sized statues (the largest is 7m high) of the monuments carved from volcanic rock and depicting sacred animals and anthropomorphic figures, have been unearthed. Many statues are grouped together in an archaeological park, but many more are in situ, and can be explored on foot or by horseback along trails through countryside full of waterfalls, rivers and canyons. The area around San Agustin offers plenty of attractions to keep visitors for a while after they have seen the archaeological sites. There is great hiking and some of the best horseback riding and whitewater-rafting trips in southern Colombia.Enjoy walks in this magical valley, admire the highest free-fall waterfall of Colombia, Salto Bordones or go to relax at the Estrecho de Magdalena.


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