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Isla Margarita comes from the Greek word "pearl" and indeed it is a pearl. With its great nightlife, variety of restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs and casinos, as well as miles of coast to do a variety of activities, Margarita offers many options to enjoy a superb vacation! Moreover, its freeport status has made Margarita the least expensive resort destination in the Caribbean for tourists from both Europe and North America. The island is divided into two distinct parts: the east and the west. Most of the activity is on the eastern side where Porlamar and the capital, La Asunción, the windsurfing mecca of El Yaque, and the most popular beaches are located. On the other hand, the western end, the Peninsula de Macanao, is where tourists come in close contact with nature, wildlife, and secluded beaches.

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In Porlamar, Avenida Santiago Mariño and Avenida 4 de Mayo are the places to go shoping! This is the place to find French perfumes and local wares, as well as many restaurants, bars, discos, and hotels. Other activities to do in Porlamar are a visit to the Francisco Narvaes Contemporary Art Museum, the Saint Nicolas de Bari Church in front of the Plaza Bolivar, or the Laguna Las Marites Natural Monument, which offers a peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of the streets and shops.El Yaque, located south of the airport, has become the lively spot where tourists and locals mingle, play, dance, drink and have fun. It is also considered by many one of the top three locations in the world-- along with Hood River in Oregon, and Maui, Hawaii-- for windsurfing. It is also a great place to do a bit of sailing due to its strategic location creates steady side-shore winds of 25 knots and higher year-round, with the best winds between January and June. El Yaque is also a place where an annual regatta called “Wild Wind” is held each June attracting more racers and spectators from around the world.

Those seeking peace and seclusion have better options a short drive away. Beaches to enjoy in the eastern side of the island are Guacuco and Cardon beach, followed by Parguito beach (ideal for surfing). Further along is Playa El Agua with its row of coconut trees and beach restaurants. Across from Playa El Agua is Los Frailes Islands, whose surrounding coral reefs and abundant marine life are an attraction for diving and snorkeling. Further north, you will find Zaragoza, Caribe and Juangriego, and La Galera- the later two famous bays with extraordinary views. Juangriego is the main commercial center of the northern part of the island. The sunsets here are spectacular, and the local seafood dishes are delicious!

Peninsula de Macanao offers the untouched natural landscapes, deserted beaches, diverse bird species and ancestral traditions. For nature enthusiasts, Margarita houses two national parks and three natural reserves with local colonies of scarlet ibis, flamingos and an endemic parrot species named "cotorra margariteña". Specifically, El Parque Nacional Cerro Copey offers an opportunity to observe native species of trees, and a variety of birds.

The villages of San Francisco, Boca de Rio, Boca del Pozo, Robledal, and El Tunal are as austere as the landscape. As you travel through the area you will see many birds that are typical of semi-arid regions, like the yellow shouldered parrot. Other common species include the cardinal and the Tourpial (oriole). A paved road takes you from Boca del Rio to Punta Arenas, a peaceful beach of crystalline waters. If you follow the coastline you will reach Boca del Pozo and Robledal, both typical fishing villages with their unique shore carpentry, and finally la Pared beach to the north. Other secluded beaches like El Farol, La Mula, and La Auyama can be reached with 4-wheel drive vehicles.

If Margarita is not enough, neighboring Coche Island, a 55 kilometer island home to 35.000 inhabitants, is dedicated to fishing, shrimp farming and tourism. Its dry landscapes of yellow and orange rock by the deep blue sea are something to be seen.