Choroní & Puerto Colombia

Located 4 hours away from Caracas
In Parque Nacional Henri Pittier
Boasts fine colonial houses
Offers stunningly beautiful beaches

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The Colonia Town of Choroní, founded in 1616, is located 40 minutes away from the city of Maracay (4 hours from Caracas). Choroní is known as one of the nicest colonial villages along the Venezuelan coast. A 10-minute drive from Choroní will take you to Puerto Colombia - another picturesque village with the typical colonial houses, church, square and a pleasant sandy beach shaded by huge coconut palms, known as Playa Grande. Framed by the tropical rain forest of the Henri Pittier National Park, the beaches around Puerto Colombia are some of the most stunningly beautiful in the country. From Puerto Colombia you can take a boat to other nearby beaches such as Chuao and Cepe. During weekends and holidays, don't miss the drummers from the villages Choroni and Puerto Colombia as they cheer up the evenings with their native music, a typical spree that usually lasts until dawn.

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