Colombia’s capital
Stay at La Candelaria historical district
Vsit the Gold Museum
Climb up Cerro Monserrate

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Bogota, Colombia’s largest city and capital offers much to do in its colonial district, La Candelaria, a melting pot of cultural and historical elements that will transport you back to the XVI century. Bogota also offers tourist the opportunity to visit world-class museums such as the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) and the Museo Botero (Botero Museum), the Cerro Monserrate, the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, flea markets and an interesting and effervescent nightlife.  

Bogota is an urban center with friendly people and a familiarity that, despite its capital city status, feels more village-like with its small barrios, rural settings and pine-clustered hillsides. The rich cultural life, beautiful architecture and a charm that swirls, along with the high altitude winds and clear blue skies, bewitch tourists making them stay longer than originally planned.

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