Turpial Travel’s South America tours take you through the diverse landscapes and cultures of both Venzeula and Chile. Within these two countries, there are many incredible destinations to choose from. While some of our trip packages focus on a single location, others will take you to several places throughout the country you are in. If there’s somewhere in particular you wish to go, the twenty locations below are all stops on at least two of our adventure trips. Patagonia South America is one of our most popular destinations in Chile, while Angel Falls in Canaima National Park is a must-see if you travel to Venezuela. Whether you’re a new explorer or an experienced adrenaline junkie, the outdoor activities you can experience in all of these destinations are unforgettable.

If you choose a trip to Venezuela, the cities and towns you will visit may include Caracas, Choroní, Puerto Colombia, and Mérida. As you explore the great outdoors in Venezuela, you’ll get to see the incredible Amazon River or visit a ranch in the plains of Los Llanos, where hundreds of species of reptiles, birds, and mammals live in their natural habitat. If you love scuba diving, Morrocoy National Park is the perfect destination with 30 different keys where you can view unique marine life. The Maracaibo Lake region is one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in South America, serving in dramatic contrast to the nearby Andes Mountains.

This part of the country is the cultural nucleus of Chile. The majority of the Chilean population lives here. It is home to the largest cities such Santiago, Valparaíso, and Concepción. Santiago, Chile’s capital, sits in a basin between the Andes to the east and the coast range to the west. It is a particular area as it is a balanced between the deserts to the north and forests to the south. What do you find in this part of the country? World class vineyards located in the Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Colchagua and Maule which together form the Central Valley (Valle Central) Region. Winemaking was brought to Chile by the Spanish conquistadores, missionaries and later the French. Aconcagua, Maipo, Colchagua and M ... Read More.

The Altiplano and Atacama Desert Region is the northern part of Chile. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on Earth and the region starts in Arica and ends in the Atacama Desert. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that the soil in the region is 25-30 million years old. On the other hand, the Altiplano, (high plains), is a high plateau in the Andes Mountains located to the North-East stretching across the borders of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. It is home to many active volcanoes and the famous Lake Titicaca which sits at 3,800m above sea level. La Paz, capital of Bolivia, is the biggest city of the Altiplano. Atacama desert covers a 1000 km (600 miles) strip of land to the West of the Andes. The desert spans Chile ... Read More.

Bogota, Colombia’s largest city and capital offers much to do in its colonial district, La Candelaria, a melting pot of cultural and historical elements that will transport you back to the XVI century. Bogota also offers tourist the opportunity to visit world-class museums such as the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) and the Museo Botero (Botero Museum), the Cerro Monserrate, the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, flea markets and an interesting and effervescent nightlife.   Bogota is an urban center with friendly people and a familiarity that, despite its capital city status, feels more village-like with its small barrios, rural settings and pine-clustered hillsides. The rich cultural life, beautiful architecture and a charm that sw ... Read More.

The Amazon river (6,570km (4,080-mile) long) that begins in the Peruvian Andes, the river’s massive mouth discharges a fifth of all the world’s fresh water into the Atlantic, permeating the saltwater over 100km (60 miles) from the shore. The best reason to visit the Amazon is to get out into the jungle to ply the winding waterways in a canoe, to hike lush leafy trails, or to scan the canopy for monkeys, sloths and other creatures. The world’s biggest and best-known rainforest has outdoor excursions of all sorts, and for all types of travelers: from easy nature hikes to scaling 50m trees, from luxury lodges to makeshift camps in the forest. Whatever your interest, experience, ability or budget, there’s a jungle trip in the Amazon waiting to blow your mind.

Travel with Turpial Travel to one of the largest national parks in the world and the second largest in Venezuela. Canaima National Park astonishes visitors with the drama of its spectacular landscapes and biological diversity. Its signature landmarks are the tepuis, unique rock formations that rise up out of the surroundings to create huge ecological islands (the most famous, Roraima, inspired Conan Doyle's novel, The Lost World) punctured by waterfalls, including Angel Falls, the planet’s highest. In 1994, UNESCO declared Canaima National Park a World Heritage Site. The organization calls the park a "unique biogeological entity". It is best to visit Canaima National Park and the famous Angel Falls during the rainy se ... Read More.

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Patagonia South America is the most well known outdoor destination in Chile, but it is far from the only one. Our Chilean adventure tours can also take you to the stunning central valley of Chile, where there are many opportunities for wine tasting at Chilean vineyards, or the world’s most remote inhabited island, Easter Island. In Patagonia, South America showcases its diverse set of natural climates, most notably at Torres del Paine National Park, where mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls leave room for near endless exploration.

These are only a few of the incredible destinations you can visit on a Turpial Travels trip. Whether you’re headed for Humboldt’s Peak or Patagonia, South America is the ideal location for adventure tours. All of our Turpial Travel adventure tour packages are coordinated by local guides to give you the most authentic experience of South America possible.


We care about the environment, so these tours follow sustainable travel practices in order to reduce the environmental impact of visiting Chile and Venezuela.

The advantage of exploring South America with a Turpial Travel tour is that we coordinate the details. Meals, lodging (if you’re not on a day trip), and transportation between locations on the tour are arranged by us, so all you have to do is get yourself to South America and enjoy your experience, without worrying about any of the logistical hassles of travel. We promise you an experience that you’ll never forget. If you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime, contact Turpial Travel today to book your trip to one or several of South America’s premiere destinations.