Six day Amazon River Cruise

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In this 6 day river boat trip up the Rio Negro River in the Amazon, do some trekking and canoeing excursions in the Amazon rainforest. See unforgetable sunrises and sunsets. Spot wildlife that include pink and grey dolphins and a slew of birds (e.g. herons, parrots, and macaws), monkeys, sloths and caimans. River otters and tapirs are difficult, and jaguars, manatees or anacondas can be seen but they are extremely hard to spot. Also, during the rainy season (January to July) is best for boat travel and canoeing as the weather is cloudy and cool, and there are short rain showers each day. In the dry season (August through December) is hotter and is a good time for trekking and fishing. 

 6 days - 5 nights 


Day 1: Amazon (Brazil)

Leave the main port of Manaus at 9:00 am. Pass by the fish market then go to the meeting o of the waters where the Negro and the Solimoes rivers meets the Amazon River but the two do not mix due to differences in velocity, density and temperature. more...

Day 2: Amazon (Brazil)

Wake up at 5:00 am to see a spectacular sunrise and after do a bit of birdwatching. Return to the boat for breakfast. Continue navigating up the Rio Negro. Pass by the Anavilhanas Arquipelago (with about 400 islands) until we arrive at the Apuau riv more...

Day 3: Amazon (Brazil)

Breakfast is served at 7:00 am. Start the morning with a jungle walk excursion. The next 3 hours will be spent hiking through the amazon rainforest, learning about its flora and fauna, the wonderful medicinal plants it has to offer, learning about e more...

Day 4: Amazon (Brazil)

Today we will do a bit of canoeing inside a flooded forest - an interesting experience where you will be able to spot interesting wildlife (e.g. monkeys, reptiles, frogs, birds, bromeliads, orchids etc.). Return to the boat for lunch.

Day 5: Amazon (Brazil)

Wake up at 7:00 am for breakfast. Continue navigating through the Anavilhanas Arquipelago until we arrive to the Acajatuba river. See pink dolphins along the way and if you are up for it go for a little swim in the river.
At 3:00 pm take a boa

Day 6: Amazon (Brazil)

Today we will visit a native family called Caboclos. During this visit you can see the manioc flour process called farinha (cereal typical from the Amazon area) as well as Açai juice process visiting their plantation etc. Return to the boat and cont more...

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