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This is the best way to appreciate the nature and spirit of Venezuelan landscape. Visit the Andean region with its particular biodiversity, go to the tallest peak of the Cordillera and travel through the Llanos (vast plains) to watch over 300 birds species and its flora and fauna. Discover the native species: anacondas, armadillos, caimans, opossums and peccaries. Go to see the ancient rocks of the Canaima National Park, the millennial tepuis, the valley and the waterfalls. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Colombia and the tropical rain forest of Henri Pittier National Park. Visit the Delta, an intricate labyrinth that carries the waters of the Orinoco River to the Atlantic Ocean.
 15 days - 14 nights 


Day 1: Caracas

Meet a Turpial Travel assistant at the Maiquetía International Airport (also known at the Simón Bolívar Airport). Our assistant will welcome you to Venezuela, answer all your questions, and transfer you to your hotel. Overnight at a hotel near th more...

Day 2: Choroní & Puerto Colombia - Caracas

At 8:00 AM we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the colonial town of Choroní in the Henri Pittier National Park (approximately a 4 hour drive). Upon arrival check-into your posada. In the afternoon, take the opportunity to enjoy more...

Day 3: Choroní & Puerto Colombia

Today is a day on your own to continue to explore the surroundings. Some activities you might consider doing in the area include:
1. Visiting the Chuao Coffee Plantation by walking to the promenade “malecon” and catching a boat to Chuao. On

Day 4: Los Llanos - Choroní & Puerto Colombia

Early in the morning, after breakfast, our guide will drive to a Hato (ranch) in los Llanos while you enjoy the countryside (an approximately 10 hour drive). Overnight at a ranch.

Day 5: Los Llanos

Spend the following day taking an excursion to observe wildlife at its best! At Hato Cedral we find over 250 species of birds, nearly 50 mammal species, including jaguars, pumas, ocelots, white-tailed deer, foxes, capybaras, red howler and capuchin m more...

Day 6: Los Llanos

Spend another day taking wildlife excursions at the Hato. Overnight at the ranch.

Day 7: Los Llanos - Mérida

In the morning you will be picked up and transferred to Santo Domingo. On the way you will get to see the beauty of the Andean Region - bound by the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de la Culata, the Venezuelan Andean region has unparalleled biodiversity more...

Day 8: Merida

On the way to Merida, travel through the Andean Paramo. The paramo is a high-altitude region with a neotropical ecosystem. It is located between the upper forest line (about 3800 m altitude) and the permanent snow line (about 5000 meters). The ecosys more...

Day 9: Merida & the Andes - Caracas

Take the morning to enjoy Merida, a university town where its possible to: (1) relax in a park honoring Beethoven, (2) sample more than 800 flavors of ice cream in a Guinness-record-holding shop, (3) ascend into the surrounding snow-capped Andes moun more...

Day 10: Orinoco Delta - Caracas - Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Guayana

Fly to Puerto Ordaz early in the morning (6:30 AM). From Puerto Ordaz, you will be transferred to our camp in the Orinoco Delta region. During the trip you will have the opportunity to appreciate the fauna and flora of the Delta and some Indian commu more...

Day 11: Orinoco Delta

Navigate the Delta canals at dawn. At this time of the day, the animals are very active and it is easier to see them. Return to the camp for a quick breakfast. After breakfast, return to the rainforest to start a jungle walk accompanied by Indian exp more...

Day 12: Canaima National Park/Angel Falls - Orinoco Delta Region - Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Guayana

Early in the morning you will be transferred to Puerto Ordaz. Fly to Canaima National Park at 9:00 AM. Upon arrival you will be transferred to our main camp. At 2:00 p.m. leave the camp and head to the Ucaima port located above the Canaima Lagoon Fal more...

Day 13: Canaima N. P. & Angel Falls

After breakfast, board the curiara and travel up river to “Isla Raton”. At Isla Raton, trek an hour to the base of the magnificent Angel Falls. Enjoy the splendid view of the fall and if time permits, swim in the Angel Falls lagoon. Return to the more...

Day 14: Canaima National Park/Angel Falls - Caracas - Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Guayana

In the morning fly to Caracas with a connection in Puerto Ordaz. Upon arrival (3:00 - 4:00 PM), our travel assistant will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 15: Caracas

Our travel assistant will pick you up from you hotel and transfer you to the airport to assist you with your flight home. END OF SERVICES.

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