Brazil Amazon Adventure Tour II

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This tour is desinged for the traveler who is eager to learn about the Amazon rainforest, is pressed for time and want's to experience the wilderness safely and comfortably.  In this tour  you will get to do a variety of activities such as a reconnaissance tour of the amazon rainforest, nocturnal wildlife sightseeing, hiking in the jungle, recreational piranha fishing and sunrise contemplation. 

 3 days - 2 nights 


Day 1: Amazon (Brazil)

The following days will be spent doing a variety of activities in the amazon rainforest. It is important to state that the order in which the activities will take place will be confirmed the day you arrive at the lodge. Rest assured that ALL activiti more...

Day 2: Amazon (Brazil)

Wake up very early in the morning for a sunrise excursion - a wonderful opportunity to experience the Amazon in all its splendor with the first light of a new day. Return to the lodge for breakfast.
After breakfast put on your walking/hiking bo

Day 3: Amazon (Brazil)

Excursions the last day will vary depending on the lodge you decide to stay at:
Standard lodge: after breakfast visit a native’s house to learn more about their customs and culture. On the way back visit a cassava plantation so you can see fro

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