Amazon River Cruise Adventure in Brazil

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In this trip see Manaus and experience the Amazon abord a boat. See the famous Teatro Amazonas and the fish market. Do a bit of rainforest hiking, wildlife viewing, visit a local community, and spend a night in the amazon rainforest. What wildlife can you expect to see? Pink and grey dolphins and a slew of birds, including herons, parrots and possibly macaws are almost guaranteed to see. Monkeys, sloths and caimans are relatively common, but seeing them is not a sure thing. River otters and tapirs are even more difficult, and you’re almost sure not to see jaguars, manatees or anacondas – they are extremely hard to spot. Normally the rainy season from January to July is best for boat travel and canoeing- the weather is cloudy and cool, and there are short rain showers each day. The dry season between August and December may be hotter but this is a good time for trekking and fishing, and there are beautiful white sand beaches along the Negro River to enjoy. Whatever time of year you visit there is always lots to see and do in Amazonia.

 5 days - 4 nights 


Day 1: Amazon (Brazil)

Upon arrival in Manaus, take a taxi to the hotel. In the evening, take a stroll around the the historical center. Between 1880 and 1910, Manaus was the main world producer of rubber and one of the richest and most modern cities in Brazil. The city's more...

Day 2: Amazon (Brazil)

We will pick you up from the hotel at around 8:00 AM. From there we will head to the main port of Manaus where we will stop to see the fish market briefly which is home to more than 3,000 finned species. Board the boat. Continue to the Encontro das more...

Day 3: Amazon (Brazil)

Wake up at 5:00 am to see the spectacular sunrise on the Rio Negro and for wildlife spotting. See exotic birds, monkeys and dolphins. Return to the boat for breakfast.
We continue navigating upstream until we arrive at the Jaraqui community wher

Day 4: Amazon (Brazil)

Return to the boat at 7:00 am for breakfast. Continue the journey. Pass by the Anavilhanas National Park - an archipelago with approximately 400 islands - until we arrive at the Acajatuba river a very nice place rich in flora and fauna with lots of c more...

Day 5: Amazon (Brazil)

At 8:30 am visit the Community of Caboclo River People. See the manioc flour process called Farinha (cereal typical from the Amazon area) as well as Açai juice process. Return to the boat and continue navigating until we arrive at the Tupe River be more...

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