Los Llanos

Most important Venezuelan wetland
Home to the famous Anaconda & Jaguar
Shelters over 300 bird species
Top wildlife safari experience

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Los Llanos (flat plains), is considered one of the ecosystems with the most important wetlands in the world! Los Llanos changes dramatically according to the season, from a dry expanse of ranchland in the winter to a vast shallow lake in the summer. These vast plains shelter hundreds of bird species (over 300) and more than 50 mammals, promising encounters with amazing animals like the Anaconda, Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarondi, Ocelots, Grey Fox, Pink River Dolphin, Giant Anteater, Orinoco Crocodile, among many others! After your wildlife safari ,party with “Llaneros” under a blanket of stars. Llaneros are the hard-working cowboys of Venezuela, famous for the joropos music they play on the cuatro (a tiny four-stringed guitar), the arpa (harp) and maracas, capturing the heart of Venezuelan culture. It’s is also one of the best places in Venezuela for rafting. In the Llanos (Plains), the rainy season (June–October) is perfect for rafting but the dry season (November–May) is best for safari excursions, when the low lagoons attract a huge diversity of exuberant wildlife.

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