Merida & the Andes

City in the Venezuelan Andean region
Top destination for extreme sports
Offers unparalleled biodiversity
Ride the longest cable car in the world

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Our programs in Mérida, encompass a wide variety of activities, from extreme sports to bird watching. The local people will be your hosts and your guides through this breathtaking destiation. Bound by the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de la Culata, the Venezuelan Andean region offers unparalleled biodiversity as well as Venezuela’s tallest peaks. Its main city, Mérida, boasts the highest and longest cable car in the world. Meet the people, explore the mountain paths, experience the unique Páramo ecosystem. The Andes offer a whole range of options for adventurers and nature lovers. With Venezuela’s highest mountains (Bolívar, Humboldt, La Concha, Bomplandt and León) and the páramo, Mérida has to be top of your list for mountain climbing, trekking and hiking. 

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