Los Roques National Park

A Caribbean jewel
Also known as Archipelago de Los Roques
A diving & sport fishing paradise
A truly relaxing destination

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Los Roques National Park is made up of approximately 50 keys. Its climate has an average year round temperature of 28.8 ºC (82 ºF). Although the keys share the same general characteristics such as very white sand surrounded by a sea of different shades, from turquoise green to deep blue, and the typical prairie vegetation where the brown tones are predominant as well as the intense green of the mangrove; each one is very different. Cayo Muerto is one of those islands. On the other hand, there are islands you may enjoy deserted beaches surrounded by leafy mangroves (Cayo Remanso). What makes this archipelago so special is that it gives the tourist the possibility of choosing the most attractive key of your choice everyday. For those who do not wish to spend their vacation lying on the beach, Los Roques offers sporting activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, kayaking, bonefish and deepwater fishing, windsurfing and ultra light aircraft flights over the archipelago.

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