Morrocoy National Park

Located in the Venezuelan Falcon State
Unique ecosystem
Beautiful & isolated tropical beaches
Hideaway for snorkelers & divers

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The Morrocoy National Park is located between Tucacas and Chichiriviche in the eastern Caribbean coast of Falcon State. Beautiful, isolated tropical beaches, shallow coral reefs and mangrove swamps are part of its unique ecosystem. Its complex mangrove-lined channels and estuaries - protected by the confines of the maritime areas of the park - are an ideal hideaway for snorkelers, divers, water-skiers, kayakers, birdwatchers, windsurfers and beach lovers. In addition, the mangroves are an important nesting ground for frigate birds, scarlet ibis, pink flamingoes, crested herons, cormorants and ducks. The park has about 30 keys (e.g. Cayos Borracho, Pelón, Sombrero, Muerto, Sal, Playuela and Peraza), some of which are covered in palm trees and mangroves and others are desert islets of pure white sand. Underneath, the surface of warm, clear waters, abundant coral and fish life thrive along the reefs and mangrove roots. The mangroves serve as lively rookeries for pink flamingos, herons, scarlet ibis and frigate birds while the nearby salt lagoon and tidal flat of the Cuare Nature Preserve is a perfect location for morning and afternoon wildlife viewing.

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