Caura River

Top pristine watersheds in the world
Known as a black water river
Margin of the Orinoco River
See Para Falls (Salto Pará)


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The Caura River is one of the largest and most pristine watersheds in the world. It maybe the world’s largest extension of intact tropical rainforest. It is the second most important tributary along the right margin of the Orinoco River, known as a black water river due to its dark brown color and low nutrient concentration. Easy to confirm during the excursions, while boats go through these waters, and this amazing jungle all around, keeping the wildlife safe, including at least 679 species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. When visiting the area, learn about the Yekwuana Makiritare traditions, hike the Cerro Cangrejo for panoramic views of the jungle and the river and/or navigate the Caño Manamo.  

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