Venezuela Amazon

An uncharted territory
Orinoco River origination place
Comprises 5% of Venezuelan territory
Home to the Autana Table Mountain


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The Amazon is made by up of seven countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Surinam, Guyana, Bolivia and Venezuela. The Venezuelan Amazon measures 51,000 kilometres squared (less than 5% of Venezuelan territory). It is a region that is sparsely populated and extremely under-developed, in spite of its vast natural resources. Puerto Ayacucho, in the north, with San Fernando de Apure, on the Venezuelan plains are the gatways to this region. 

The Orinoco River, Venezuela's largest river, originates here as well as the Brazo Casiquiare, a curious arm of water that links the basins of the Orinoco and the Amazon. Approximately 8,000 species of plants, including orchids, bromeliads and mosses, grow in the state; 7,000 of which are indigenous. Jaguars, ocelots, deer, tapir, giant anteaters, peccaries and half a dozen species of monkeys are the inhabitants of this region, along with the fearsome bushmaster snake and the better known anaconda. It also offers a great experience for bird watchers with over 680 species of birds, including colored toucans, parrots and macaws live here. Amazonas' rivers swarm with electric eels, piranhas, caimans, river dolphins and turtles. Four national parks (Duida Marahuaca, Parima Tapirapeco, Serrania La Neblina and Yapacana), one Forest Reserve (Sipapo) and one Biosphere Reserve (Alto Orinoco-Casiquiare) protect much of this impressive wildlife.Interesting activities to do in this part of the region inlcude: The Ethnological Museum and the Indian Market . Nearby attractions to consider doing are the Pozo Azul and the Tobogan de la Selva along with Cerro Pintado, which boasts the largest known petroglyphs in Venezuela; as well as the sacred mount, the Autana, which is a 4,265 feet high table top mountain, or tepuy. 

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