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Why Go? The Amazon basin, which Colombians call Amazonia, is a 643,000-sq-km region accounting for a third of Colombia’s total area – about the size of California. The very word evokes images of pristine jungle, incredible wildlife and one famous river. With transportation limited to rivers that crisscross the jungle, indigenous groups deep in the jungle have managed to keep their cultures intact. But in the cities, many indigenous and mestizo (mixed race) people now live modern lifestyles, driving Yamahas and only breaking out their traditional garb and customs for the benefit of tourists. A visit here remains a transcendent experience, from thrilling rainforest treks to simple hammock siestas soundtracked by the otherworldly sounds of the jungle.

When should you go? Sep-Nov: Lower water levels afford excellent hiking and reveal white-sand beaches on the Río Yavarí. Mar-May: Get closer to the canopy in wet season, the climax of bird-watching and wildlife season. Jul & Aug: Loathe mosquitoes? The terra firme forest sees most retreat to the canopy. What not to miss? Visit the National Park Amacayacu (Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu ) home to 500 bird species and 150 mammals – including a brilliant outpost of rehabilitating monkeys – deep in the Amazon rainforest. Stay at one of the lodges along Río Yavarí, technically straddling Brazil and Peru, that are surrounded by abundant fauna. Unwind in the car-free, sustainable and funky remote village of Puerto Nariño. Spot pink and gray dolphins on the warm waters of the mighty Lago Tarapoto.

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