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Home of Pablo Escobar
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Affectionately known as the city of eternal spring, Medellín is rightly proud of its status as being Colombia’s second largest city but also possibly the most progressive city. What once used to be the most dangerous city in the world in the 90s, in hands of Pablo Escobar, in 2012, Medellín was rated the most innovative city world-wide beating New York City and Tel Aviv. Offering the perfect year-round climate, inhabited by friendly locals and replete with legendary nightlife, the capital of Antoquia has understandably become a traveller’s favorite. Its pleasant climate gives the city its nickname – the City of Eternal Spring – and the moderate temperatures put a spring in the locals’ step, at work and at play. It’s a bustling city of industry and commerce, especially textile manufacturing and exported cut flowers.  

When visiting this innovative city, don’t miss riding the cable car to the “Comunas” & ARVI Park, check out the amazing variety of orchids in the Orquideorama in the city’s Botanical Garden, and emjoy Medellín’s breathtaking nightlife. El Poblado in particular is crammed with classy eateries, many of which turn into lively bars when the plates are cleared away. Later on, attention turns to the sweaty discos of Barrio Colombia, and later still to the neon-lit mega clubs of Autopista Sur. Don’t leave town without visiting the elite bars of La Strada, which offer great people-watching among the city’s rich and surgically enhanced.  

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