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As the Lonely Planet states, “it is an ultimate outdoor cathedral”.The Chilean Patagonia is one of most famous regions of Chile. It offers dramatic landscapes that include dazzling explosion of islands, glaciers, icebergs and mountains. The ice fields give way to majestic glaciers and the splendor of mountains like Torres del Paine, San Valentín and Cerro Castillo.  It's wild nature serves as a backdrop for diverse activities such as fly-fishing, trekking, cycling, mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking and horseback riding.

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The Patagonia is composed of Northern Patagonia and Southern Patagonia. In the northern part you find Parque Pumalin that offers sublime settings of waterfalls, turquoise lakes, hot springs, misty fjords, fern-choked trails and ancient forests. If you ever want to get lost in a tiny village with no streets, isolated and ice-field bounded make sure to see Caleta Tortel. The Futaleufu River is a great option for world class white water rafting. Scouting for cave paintings and flamingos? Visit the little known Reserva Nacional Jeinemeni. Laguna San Rafael is awe-inspiring as it is a national park that has one of the most magnificent glacier a million years in the making and melting steadily. What about traveling through a dusty wash-road to nowhere? Drive through Carretera Austral, a 1200 km romp through Andean backcountry dotted with parks and pioneer homesteads. Lastly, for a true Wild West experience, don’t forget to visit Palena, a true a sample of Patagonia’s cowboy country!

Southern Patagonia hosts the incomparable Parque National Torres del Paine which is located in the rugged provinces of Magallanes, Última Esperanza (Last Hope), and Tierra del Fuego (The Land of Fire). Torres del Paine, the main destination, is a spectacular mountain range which frames the Park of the same name, and extends to heights of up to 9,000 feet. Southern Patagonia is also home to the southern city of Punta Arenas, which first became prosperous during the California gold rush. The city's site on the Pacific side of the Magellan Strait made it an ideal transshipment point for cargoes rounding the continent. Today, Punta Arenas is the capital of Chile's wool industry, which produced some of the richest barons on the continent.

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