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Known by its official name of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Venezuela is a country of contrasts. Therefore, a Venezuela travel itinerary can be as diverse as the South American country’s biodiversity. Not only does the country’s 350,000+ square miles feature mountainous terrains, it also stretches over rainforests, llanos (plains), and shores. While the Andes Mountains rises in the western part of the country, the Amazon rainforest is found in the south. The Orinoco River Delta, which fans out from the Orinoco River, is located in the eastern part.

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Venezuela tour & activities

One Tall Cascade

That all being said, one Venezuela travel destination that you’ll just have to see is Angel Falls, which can be found in the Canaima National Park. One of the great Venezuela travel regions, Angel Falls is named for Jimmie Angel who was the first pilot to fly over the high cascade. Indeed, Angel Falls is high, as it is 15 times as tall as the great Niagara.

Angel Falls Facts

Angel Falls rises 3,287 feet or 1,002 meters and is made up of 47 drops, with the longest plunge measuring about 2,650 feet. While Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted cascade in the world, the waterfall that is considered the absolute highest is actually located next to it. Referred to as La Catira, the cascade is not permanent.

You Can Get to the Falls by Plane or by Boat

The park where Angels Falls is found is located in southwest Venezuela and can be reached by airplane or boat. Boat transportation to the Falls begins at Canaima Camp, which is the base for all of the boat rides. If you include a visit to the Falls in your Venezuela travel plans then try to go between June and


December. Unless you’re flying, try to avoid seeing the Falls during the dry season, which takes place from December to March. Planes fly into the western part of Canaima Park from such places as Caracas, Puerto Ordaz, Margarita, Santa Elena, and Ciudad Bolivar.

The Guayana Region

Seeing the spectacular cascade will, no doubt, encourage you to visit other natural areas. The Andes Mountains provides hikers, trekkers, and rock climbers with plenty of opportunities to test their skills or enjoy the scenery. The area of Guayana, which lies just south of the Orinoco River, makes up about 50% of the country’s territory and is home to the Amazon rainforest as well as tabletop mountains and the marshes of the Orinoco Delta.

Avila Mountain in Caracas

If you travel to central Venzuela then, you’ll have to include Caracas in your Venezuela travel plans as the city is home to the Avila Mountain. The pinnacle provides breathtaking views of the Venezuelan capital as well as the Caribbean Sea. You can either hike up the peak or ride a cable car to get to the top. If you want the best view, try to go early as a haze can set in during the later part of the day. Explore Venezuela with Turpial Travel & Adventure for a locally- and sustainably- minded experience.